Flutter Plugin技巧

Wrap Widget



  • Linux and Windows: Alt+Enter
  • macO: Option+Return


Wrap with new widget assist This can be used when you have a widget that you want to wrap in a surrounding widget, for example if you want to wrap a widget in a Row or Column.

Wrap widget list with new widget assist Similar to the assist above, but for wrapping an existing list of widgets rather than an individual widget.

Convert child to children assist Changes a child argument to a children argument, and wraps the argument value in a list.

Live Templates

  • Prefix stless: Create a new subclass of StatelessWidget.
  • Prefix stful: Create a new subclass of StatefulWidget and it’s associated State subclass.
  • Prefix stanim: Create a new subclass of StatefulWidget, and it’s associated State subclass including a field initialized with an AnimationController.


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